Five Things That Are Making Me Happy

  • My dog has decided he is going to be my shadow and an absolute snuggle bug this week. I’m thoroughly enjoying the increased puppy snuggles.
  • FINISHED WITH CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Just a few gifts to wrap for the LAST shipment of gifts that I will send via UPS during my lunch break on Friday.
  • I put an extra blanket in the bed, only on my side of the bed. I usually go to bed before my husband does and the extra snuggly warmth is helping me drift off much more quickly than usual. Hooray for a comfier bed and better sleep!
  • Started listening to my favorite podcast “Happier” with Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft after a loooong hiatus (last listen was pre-move).
  • Seeing the neighbor’s Christmas lights in their yards when I walk the dog after work. It’s usually around 5:30 or 6:00pm when we take our longest walk of the day and it’s not TOO cold, yet, but the sun is done and the lights are on and it’s quite festive!

Morris Chestnut and the Crinkles

The only plastic bags that come into my home are from the pet store. Pretty much every time I go to the pet store, I get my dog a little treat. Therefore, my dog assumes any plastic bad has a toy or a dog treat for him inside of it. He’s a smart dog and he’s mostly right. In my home, we’ve started referring to plastic bags as “crinkles” because surely the crinkly sound of the plastic is what sends my dog scampering to find the source and claim his reward.

Lately, what with the holidays and all, more plastic packaging and plastic bags have come into the house than ever before. Morris, the dear puppers, thinks they are all for him. He is confused, disappointed, and determined to hoard what he can. He has acquired possession of two sealed plastic packages of replacement Christmas lights. We keep finding them in the couch, in his bed, in our bed! We’ve been able to keep most things from him, but he comes running to inspect every time he hears “crinkles” and I’ve gotten the “wtf am I supposed to do with this?” look from him as he inspects on more than one occasion. Poor dog. We’re definitely laughing at him.


Is gnawing away at me slowly. It seems as though I’ve bucked off any and all depression, but the anxiety lingers.

My current job makes me anxious in ways my previous job did not. The unpacked boxes and uncleaned house make me anxious. The critter in the crawlspace (probably a mouse) has been banished from the apartment, but is probably still in the crawl space and it’s still piquing my dog’s interest and causing me anxiety. The dishwasher is broken and I don’t have time to call my landlord or to be home for a repairman and the dirty dishes are giving me anxiety. The dog needs his teeth brushed and his haircut. Holiday gifts need to be bought and wrapped. Christmas cards need to be mailed. The anxiety keeps me awake at night, which gives me little to no energy to accomplish all the things that are looming over me, creating a vicious cycle and adding more and more and more to my plate every day.

Now, I’ve named it. It is a CYCLE OF ANXIETY. Next steps: figure out a way to break it or lessen it or find relief.

The Critter in the Crawl Space

Well, I’m pretty sure now that the critter in the crawl space under our new apartment is TAUNTING MY DOG.

I had left a reusable bag full of gala apples on the kitchen floor on Monday night. Tuesday morning, there was a partially nibbled apple on the floor, right next the refrigerator, where the dog has been going nutso.

This morning, THERE WAS A PARTIALLY NIBBLED DOGGIE TREAT. I know Morris hid that somewhere real well. And it’s not really a doggie treat – it’s a dental chew to help keep his teeth and gums healthy. There was my dog’s half-eaten treasure, right in the same spot the apple had been.


One Foot in Front of the Other

Let’s list the things I’ve done from October 9th to today, November 9th, SHALL WE?

  • packed up and moved from one place to another (that in and of itself is enough for any given month)
  • started a new job
  • dealt with a dog who IS NOT PLEASED ABOUT MOVING
  • realized the dog was fine with moving – there’s just a critter living in the crawl space under the house he wants to get at.
  • thrown a bridal shower
  • printed programs and thank yous for a wedding
  • had lots of phone calls with my family, who are going through HUGE things right now
  • had a head cold
  • was almost a bridesmaid in a wedding until I started vomitting at 3am the night before
  • broke my toe


I’m ready to relax. But also need to: unpack, do laundry, clean my apartment, get my dog to the dog park to burn off energy, get a haircut and evict a critter from under my home.

Taking it one day at a time and being realistic with what I can get done with each day. And, more importantly, not caring if anyone is upset that I didn’t meet their expectations on any given day. I refuse to care about living up to expectations I was previously unaware existed or that I was informed of too late to realistically do anything about. Secret expectations are TERRIBLE. The sad part about them is that most of the time, the people who have them aren’t able to vocalize the expectations in advance because they’re unaware of it themselves. Can’t do nothing about that!

Long Time, No Blog

Greetings, Internet!

Here’s what’s been shaking since you heard form me last:

  • New job
  • New apartment

Yup! Those are some big changes. I started my new job this week and we move across town to a new apartment tomorrow.

The job is all kinds of new. It’s a change in industry from my previous job. I used to be in the media and advertising industry and now I’m diving head first into the world of finance! I can’t wear jeans and t-shirt to work any more. I have to actually do my hair and put on some make up. There are sales goals and client goals instead of weekly media production deadlines. I don’t have to worry about 15 other people all being on the same page regarding a dozen a so issues each week, just myself and one other person. I’m really excited about these changes!

The new apartment is a huge relief to me. I’ve been wanting to move back into Los Angeles proper ever since I moved out of it two years ago. And I finally am! My husband and I are excited to have more space in a better part of town. We even have a patio – that fenced in outdoor space is heaven for us and, of course, for the dog.

These changes don’t come without a price, so any apartment upgrades or patio makeovers will have to be a long ways off or on the cheap. I’ll cross that bridge once we’re all moved into the new place, out of the old place, work is less overwhelming and I’ve fulfilled my bridesmaid duties for a friend’s upcoming wedding. Or maybe I won’t cross it at all if I see a shinier bridge in the future.

Similarities Between My Dog and Tom Haverford

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of similarities between my dog, named Morris Chestnut, and the character Tom Haverford from the now concluded television series “Parks and Recreation,” played by Aziz Ansari:

  • Considered small to medium in size
  • This face:
    tommy smile10456825_10102437187318905_3877336157580150621_n
  • A taste for the finer things in life
  • They both whine
  • Big brown eyes
  • Men larger than them make them feel less masculine
  • Delicate flowers
  • Will sucker you into doing all the work for them
  • Inflated sense of self-importance
  • Sweet dance moves
  • Adorable
  • Faithful and Loyal
  • Loves the ladies (in Morris’ case, it’s more lady dogs than lady people)
  • High maintenance

Notable differences:

  • Color. One is brown, the other is white (this may be racist)
  • Species. Duh. One’s a fictional human portrayed by a real human and the other is dog with a real human’s name
  • Feelings about vacuums. Morris would HAAATE DJ Roomba.