Five Things I Am Proud Of

  1. I paid off a student loan today! In my marriage, we now have two federal student loans in good standing that we are paying off, plus three credit cards. We are on track to pay off at least one credit card by the end of 2016! We paid off another loan in December, so that is going pretty well, I’d say. Our goal is to only have ONLY our consolidated federal student loan debt before we take on a mortgage, which is looking more and more doable.
  2. I have a full-time job and I show up for it and get paid! I mean, I’ve usually had that, but that is something to be proud! A regular source of income is hugely beneficial to myself and my family.
  3. I have not bought any new clothes in 2016, yet. The clothes I am looking at investing in will be a little more expensive than what I usually buy, but they will fit well (or be tailored), be simple in style, color and silhouette so that they fit in my capsule wardrobe/work uniform project I have going on, and be a higher quality, hopefully lasting longer.
  4. I did so much laundry yesterday and hung a quarter of it to air dry, saving money and making the quality of those items stretch out longer.
  5. We finally remembered to give our dog his flea treatment and combed his fur out a little bit. It needs more combing, but it’s a start!