2016: The Year I Get Better Sleep

Well, I bet you can guess what my 2016 New Year’s resolution is! GET MORE AND BETTER SLEEP.

January is “Better Sleep Boot Camp” for me and I’m trying to work hard to rest well. My number one enemy: falling asleep. It can take me upwards of an hour to fall asleep. Nodding off quickly and completely has NEVER been easy for me, even as a kid. I’ve been on various prescription medications to help me fall asleep (and some to help me stay asleep), but they haven’t been the most helpful or permanent solutions. They came with side effects that were too much to handle and sometimes didn’t even do their job (Xanax, I’m looking at you – you relaxed me but didn’t do much else, ya jerk).

Things I’m trying right now:

  • no caffeine after 3pm
  • regular bedtime (10pm)
  • no phone or computer after 9pm
  • reading (not on my phone) if I cannot sleep
  • petting the dog if I cannot sleep
  • Advil PM (I know – this is just more medication! But I gotta fall asleep and I gotta do it in less than 2 hours)

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Happy New Year


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