Morris Chestnut and the Crinkles

The only plastic bags that come into my home are from the pet store. Pretty much every time I go to the pet store, I get my dog a little treat. Therefore, my dog assumes any plastic bad has a toy or a dog treat for him inside of it. He’s a smart dog and he’s mostly right. In my home, we’ve started referring to plastic bags as “crinkles” because surely the crinkly sound of the plastic is what sends my dog scampering to find the source and claim his reward.

Lately, what with the holidays and all, more plastic packaging and plastic bags have come into the house than ever before. Morris, the dear puppers, thinks they are all for him. He is confused, disappointed, and determined to hoard what he can. He has acquired possession of two sealed plastic packages of replacement Christmas lights. We keep finding them in the couch, in his bed, in our bed! We’ve been able to keep most things from him, but he comes running to inspect every time he hears “crinkles” and I’ve gotten the “wtf am I supposed to do with this?” look from him as he inspects on more than one occasion. Poor dog. We’re definitely laughing at him.


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