Is gnawing away at me slowly. It seems as though I’ve bucked off any and all depression, but the anxiety lingers.

My current job makes me anxious in ways my previous job did not. The unpacked boxes and uncleaned house make me anxious. The critter in the crawlspace (probably a mouse) has been banished from the apartment, but is probably still in the crawl space and it’s still piquing my dog’s interest and causing me anxiety. The dishwasher is broken and I don’t have time to call my landlord or to be home for a repairman and the dirty dishes are giving me anxiety. The dog needs his teeth brushed and his haircut. Holiday gifts need to be bought and wrapped. Christmas cards need to be mailed. The anxiety keeps me awake at night, which gives me little to no energy to accomplish all the things that are looming over me, creating a vicious cycle and adding more and more and more to my plate every day.

Now, I’ve named it. It is a CYCLE OF ANXIETY. Next steps: figure out a way to break it or lessen it or find relief.


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