The Critter in the Crawl Space

Well, I’m pretty sure now that the critter in the crawl space under our new apartment is TAUNTING MY DOG.

I had left a reusable bag full of gala apples on the kitchen floor on Monday night. Tuesday morning, there was a partially nibbled apple on the floor, right next the refrigerator, where the dog has been going nutso.

This morning, THERE WAS A PARTIALLY NIBBLED DOGGIE TREAT. I know Morris hid that somewhere real well. And it’s not really a doggie treat – it’s a dental chew to help keep his teeth and gums healthy. There was my dog’s half-eaten treasure, right in the same spot the apple had been.



One Foot in Front of the Other

Let’s list the things I’ve done from October 9th to today, November 9th, SHALL WE?

  • packed up and moved from one place to another (that in and of itself is enough for any given month)
  • started a new job
  • dealt with a dog who IS NOT PLEASED ABOUT MOVING
  • realized the dog was fine with moving – there’s just a critter living in the crawl space under the house he wants to get at.
  • thrown a bridal shower
  • printed programs and thank yous for a wedding
  • had lots of phone calls with my family, who are going through HUGE things right now
  • had a head cold
  • was almost a bridesmaid in a wedding until I started vomitting at 3am the night before
  • broke my toe


I’m ready to relax. But also need to: unpack, do laundry, clean my apartment, get my dog to the dog park to burn off energy, get a haircut and evict a critter from under my home.

Taking it one day at a time and being realistic with what I can get done with each day. And, more importantly, not caring if anyone is upset that I didn’t meet their expectations on any given day. I refuse to care about living up to expectations I was previously unaware existed or that I was informed of too late to realistically do anything about. Secret expectations are TERRIBLE. The sad part about them is that most of the time, the people who have them aren’t able to vocalize the expectations in advance because they’re unaware of it themselves. Can’t do nothing about that!