Long Time, No Blog

Greetings, Internet!

Here’s what’s been shaking since you heard form me last:

  • New job
  • New apartment

Yup! Those are some big changes. I started my new job this week and we move across town to a new apartment tomorrow.

The job is all kinds of new. It’s a change in industry from my previous job. I used to be in the media and advertising industry and now I’m diving head first into the world of finance! I can’t wear jeans and t-shirt to work any more. I have to actually do my hair and put on some make up. There are sales goals and client goals instead of weekly media production deadlines. I don’t have to worry about 15 other people all being on the same page regarding a dozen a so issues each week, just myself and one other person. I’m really excited about these changes!

The new apartment is a huge relief to me. I’ve been wanting to move back into Los Angeles proper ever since I moved out of it two years ago. And I finally am! My husband and I are excited to have more space in a better part of town. We even have a patio – that fenced in outdoor space is heaven for us and, of course, for the dog.

These changes don’t come without a price, so any apartment upgrades or patio makeovers will have to be a long ways off or on the cheap. I’ll cross that bridge once we’re all moved into the new place, out of the old place, work is less overwhelming and I’ve fulfilled my bridesmaid duties for a friend’s upcoming wedding. Or maybe I won’t cross it at all if I see a shinier bridge in the future.


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