Similarities Between My Dog and Tom Haverford

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of similarities between my dog, named Morris Chestnut, and the character Tom Haverford from the now concluded television series “Parks and Recreation,” played by Aziz Ansari:

  • Considered small to medium in size
  • This face:
    tommy smile10456825_10102437187318905_3877336157580150621_n
  • A taste for the finer things in life
  • They both whine
  • Big brown eyes
  • Men larger than them make them feel less masculine
  • Delicate flowers
  • Will sucker you into doing all the work for them
  • Inflated sense of self-importance
  • Sweet dance moves
  • Adorable
  • Faithful and Loyal
  • Loves the ladies (in Morris’ case, it’s more lady dogs than lady people)
  • High maintenance

Notable differences:

  • Color. One is brown, the other is white (this may be racist)
  • Species. Duh. One’s a fictional human portrayed by a real human and the other is dog with a real human’s name
  • Feelings about vacuums. Morris would HAAATE DJ Roomba.

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