A New Way to Fall Asleep

I’ve starting using a new technique to clear anxiety from my mind and fall asleep at night. I, very unscientifically, call it “all the gold stars belong to me.”

To practice this technique, simply think about everything you accomplished or did well during the day. Do not let yourself think about what still needs to be done or what you only got part way through. Reframe everything so that you give yourself a shiny gold star for the things you DID and ignore the things you didn’t do. I find this technique allows me to feel really good about what I’ve done and puts me in a good mood to start the next day and all the things in it that need doing. In other words, it helps me get the never ending to do list of adulthood off my mind so I can catch some zzzs.


  • I walked the dog: gold star
  • I fed the dog breakfast: gold star
  • I put together breakfast for myself and my husband: gold star
  • I took a nap and caught up on much-needed sleep: gold star
  • I gave the dog lots of pets and love: gold star
  • I walked the dog again: gold star again!
  • I went with my husband to Panera for lunch: gold star
  • My husband and I did four loads of laundry: GOLD STAR
  • I called my mom: gold star
  • I texted a friend back: gold star
  • I walked the dog a third time: gold star
  • I picked up prescriptions from CVS: gold star
  • I bought toilet paper and paper towels and body wash at CVS: gold star!
  • I brushed the dog: gold star!


Now, what I didn’t do was say in my head “well, I got the dog brushed out in preparation for his bath, but didn’t get a chance to bathe him.” NOPE. Just giving myself credit for what I’ve done. I know what needs to be done and it is already on my mind. I do not need to stay awake because of it. Bedtime is the time to applaud myself for my efforts so I don’t feel burnt out. GOLD STARS FOR ME!


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