I am decidedly happier than I was six months ago or a year ago. I’m in a really good place right now.

Part of it is because my husband and I are in a better place as a couple – communication skills for the win!

But a lot of it, and even part of the relationship happiness, is because I am happier. And I’m happier because I’m given myself all kinds of permission to take care of myself. A couple of resources have helped me stay the course and remember that self-care is GOOD. Self-understanding, awareness and care are excellent and make me a better person for myself and the others around me are certainly reaping the benefits!

Two of those resources are:

Happier podcast with Gretchen Rubin (co-hosted with her sister, television writer Elizabeth Craft). 20 to 30 minutes, includes a “try this at home” and emphasizes identifying how you respond to and handle things, usually by ascribing a “type” to yourself. The hosts take turns giving a gold star or a demerit each episode and talk about the weird and wonderful things we all do, or could do, to create more happiness in our lives.

Cultivate Creativity by Rachel Denbow (and others), an e-course. Self-paced, contains some practical steps, personal experiences and free printables encouraging you! Great for anyone who needs encouragement or permission to embrace themselves!

Do you have any “happiness resources” that have helped you?


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