New Specs

I got new glasses!

About a year and a half ago my life got OVERWHELMING and I started wearing my glasses pretty much everyday. Previously, I had been wearing contact lenses, for the most part. Wearing glasses meant I could justify procrastinating my annual optometrist appointment since I it’s not like I was running out of contacts/ways to see. Next thing I realize, I’ve procrastinated my appointment TWO WHOLE YEARS. My life is calmer and I’ve been playing catch up on appointments. I’ve gotten a lot of dental work done (yay!), and finally got my eyes checked. Since we got a dog a year ago and my allergies are suffering from it, I decided to stick with glasses for my comfort. (My dog is hypoallergenic, but that doesn’t stop his long wavy hair from collecting indoor and outdoor allergens. Unless he’s overdue for a bath, it’s fairly bearable and I’d like to keep it that way.)

Behold, the old glasses:

Behold, the new glasses:


Behold, the new glasses my mom just got and me trying on a pair just like hers while shopping around:


(My mom had my brother to help her get her Sear’s Portrait Studio style pose just right. I clearly needed his assistance, but I tried my best.)

Here’s to seeing clearly, self-care and looking good.


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