Avoidance, or the Art of Procrastination

If I sit down to type a blog post, I’ll have to think about what to type, which means I’ll have to think about my life. If I think about my life, I’ll notice all the things I can fix. If I think about the things I can fix, I’ll be anxious until I get them fixed. And recently, I needed to avoid any additional anxiety.

Today, some of the anxiety is past. Well, A LOT of it! Turns out, anxiety is a huge symptom of aspartame withdrawal. Aspartame is in Diet Coke. I stopped drinking Diet Coke. And then I was flooded with anxiety and even panic attacks. Since I DO have a mood disorder, I assumed there was an unidentified stressor causing me to freak out. But then I could NOT figure out what that stressor was! Then the gastrointestinal symptoms started and while investigating those, I found out that anxiety is the number one symptom associated with aspartame withdrawal (I didn’t even know there would be ‘withdrawals!’). It’s also more likely to occur in people with or with a previous history of a mood disorder. Now that I’m aspartame free, I feel right as rain! And unafraid to face myself and my life and no longer overwhelmed by a chemically induced, unavoidable anxiety.

Clearly, I’ve been procrastinated blogging because of the anxiety introspection or basic self-evaluation was causing me, knowing if I put it off long enough, the anxiety would dissipate on its on – this time. Most of the time, I have to face it and move through it and conquer it. But there’s no conquering a chemical imbalanced caused by a satanic fake sugar, there’s only riding it out. And I did. Victory is mine!


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