Time Well Spent

I like to have more than one project going on at a time, that way if one if going poorly or I lose interest, I have other things going I can focus on and feel positive about.

Right now, I’m doing even more hand-lettering. I’m drawing inspiration from Jenny Highsmith and her prompts for the month of June. You can see my lettering on my instagram account and even join in the fun. Use (or explore) the hashtag LetterItJune to join in. Here’s my most recent lettered phrase:


Another project I have going on right now: I’ve got a successful sourdough starter sitting on my counter! With water, flour and a keen eye (and nose) for yeastiness, I’ve captured yeast and have a bubbling, happy starter that’s almost ready for a baking. And I am pleased as punch with myself.

I’m also trying to be more thrifty (got out of bed early enough to pack breakfast and lunch today – no Starbucks or take out today). We’ll see how that one goes – I’ll be celebrating every little victory on this one.

I’d love to hear what others are working on! I need all the steam and inspiration I can get!!


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