Make It Work

My bathroom flooded last week and EVERYTHING in the cabinet under the sink and on the counter had to be thrown out, including 100% of my makeup and brushes. Which, in the grand scheme of things is certainly no great hardship! In all honesty, I needed to toss a lot of it, any way. Plus, now, I have the chance to slowly and deliberately build up a collection of products that I want to use daily. No more using up things I didn’t enjoy, just because I had them.

For the past week and a half, I’ve been using the one drugstore eye shadow and lipstick I have that didn’t get ruined and a foundation and blush I purchased during my great “REPLACE MOST OF THE THINGS*” trip to CVS. Turns out, I can look AMAZING with just those items and some q-tips (my drugstore eye shadow lost the applicator prior to the flood).


I went out to a fancy dinner and then to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl to celebrate my husband’s birthday and managed to look just as fabulous as ever while celebrating him. I don’t think anyone could tell a difference. Which has me feeling pretty pleased over this silly accomplishment and rethinking what make up I REALLY need to own and use (answer: not much).

I have no regrets prioritizing the purchase of Advil and band-aids over the purchase of make up. I am looking forward to picking up some liner and concealer in the upcoming weeks, but I’m so happy for the temporary freedom from cosmetics. I also want to purge my entire apartment now, but I think that would be inadvisable. Maybe I can apply the freedom mindset to the things I should get rid of, but with no flooding this time!

*within reason and budget


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