Los Angeles Adventure: Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga at The Hollywood Bowl

First, let me explain the unique space and culture that is the Hollywood Bowl. The Hollywood Bowl is an outdoor amphitheater that is home to a delightful summer series featuring the Los Angeles Philharmonic. There are shuttles and park and ride lots to help get you there and home, as well as adorable picnic spaces on the grounds. Regular season shows allow patrons to bring their own wine into the venue. That’s right – your own wine. No other liquor, specifically wine. So, naturally, many patrons of the Bowl are Hollywood/Los Angeles types that enjoy a fancy picnic with wine, followed by outdoor entertainment and more wine. Which is exactly the type of crowd you want to watch a Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga concert with.


I took my husband to the show this past Saturday, as part of his birthday celebration. We picnicked beforehand (highlight: manchego and quince paste). Then we snuggled next to each other as the sun set and enjoyed the show!

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga were unbelievably amazing. I’ve always loved Tony Bennett and been impressed by his voice, but HOLY COW the man can hit some IMPRESSIVE notes and hold them out for an eternity. A lot of people’s voices deteriorate with age, but Tony Bennett’s voice is impressive for ANY age, let alone someone older. Beautiful.


I love Lady Gaga. Not in the “little monsters” kind of way, but in the respectful, “dang, that girl can sing” kind of way. She worked the crowd and had great banter, too. Loved her. My favorite song she sang was “Bang, bang.” The two of them had an obvious chemistry and a great dynamic. Loved them!!


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