Time Well Spent

I like to have more than one project going on at a time, that way if one if going poorly or I lose interest, I have other things going I can focus on and feel positive about.

Right now, I’m doing even more hand-lettering. I’m drawing inspiration from Jenny Highsmith and her prompts for the month of June. You can see my lettering on my instagram account and even join in the fun. Use (or explore) the hashtag LetterItJune to join in. Here’s my most recent lettered phrase:


Another project I have going on right now: I’ve got a successful sourdough starter sitting on my counter! With water, flour and a keen eye (and nose) for yeastiness, I’ve captured yeast and have a bubbling, happy starter that’s almost ready for a baking. And I am pleased as punch with myself.

I’m also trying to be more thrifty (got out of bed early enough to pack breakfast and lunch today – no Starbucks or take out today). We’ll see how that one goes – I’ll be celebrating every little victory on this one.

I’d love to hear what others are working on! I need all the steam and inspiration I can get!!


Best Husband Ever

Jim had the opportunity to get Paul Williams to sign an old record of his that we have. 2015-06-05“To Heidi & Jim – Love & Light, Paul Williams”


One Year

Morris Chestnut has been my dog for one whole year now. With the help of my husband, I have kept this sweet boy alive and well! He’s gained eight pounds and maybe an inch or two in height, as well. I’ve seen him go from puppy-hood into adulthood and have loved every minute of it.


Morris was skinny and scrawny with fur shaved close when we got him. His wavy hair had been horribly matted prior to his close cropped cut. He immediately let us know that he LOVED car rides and having a ball to chase, HATES skateboards and feels just okay about baths. He still feels those things, but now I know that he also likes getting blow-dried after a bath because he’s just not a fan of being wet. He also likes to dry his snout off after a good drink from his water bowl. He loves getting his belly rubbed, but isn’t a fan of being adjusted so that his belly can be reached. He does love to be carried around outside or in strange places so he can really sniff up high, while feeling safe. He NEVER wants to be held if he’s a near a toy. He wants to be CHASED! He LOVES being chased, maybe more than anything. He likes to check on his people and make sure they are in their places before doing anything on his own (like chewing his stick). He loves to stick his little nose in our faces when we lie down to sleep at night and when we wake up in the morning and really get in there for some snuggles. He loves snuggles.


His ears keep growing longer and longer. It makes us wonder: what kind of dog are you really Morris Chestnut?20150607_090511-01You are our dog, that is what you are. Stealing our spots on the couch, carrying your treats around (as if we would take them) and huffing at us when we aren’t quick enough to feed you or pet you or take you on a walk. Our opinionated little medium dog, that’s what you are.

Make It Work

My bathroom flooded last week and EVERYTHING in the cabinet under the sink and on the counter had to be thrown out, including 100% of my makeup and brushes. Which, in the grand scheme of things is certainly no great hardship! In all honesty, I needed to toss a lot of it, any way. Plus, now, I have the chance to slowly and deliberately build up a collection of products that I want to use daily. No more using up things I didn’t enjoy, just because I had them.

For the past week and a half, I’ve been using the one drugstore eye shadow and lipstick I have that didn’t get ruined and a foundation and blush I purchased during my great “REPLACE MOST OF THE THINGS*” trip to CVS. Turns out, I can look AMAZING with just those items and some q-tips (my drugstore eye shadow lost the applicator prior to the flood).


I went out to a fancy dinner and then to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl to celebrate my husband’s birthday and managed to look just as fabulous as ever while celebrating him. I don’t think anyone could tell a difference. Which has me feeling pretty pleased over this silly accomplishment and rethinking what make up I REALLY need to own and use (answer: not much).

I have no regrets prioritizing the purchase of Advil and band-aids over the purchase of make up. I am looking forward to picking up some liner and concealer in the upcoming weeks, but I’m so happy for the temporary freedom from cosmetics. I also want to purge my entire apartment now, but I think that would be inadvisable. Maybe I can apply the freedom mindset to the things I should get rid of, but with no flooding this time!

*within reason and budget

Los Angeles Adventure: Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga at The Hollywood Bowl

First, let me explain the unique space and culture that is the Hollywood Bowl. The Hollywood Bowl is an outdoor amphitheater that is home to a delightful summer series featuring the Los Angeles Philharmonic. There are shuttles and park and ride lots to help get you there and home, as well as adorable picnic spaces on the grounds. Regular season shows allow patrons to bring their own wine into the venue. That’s right – your own wine. No other liquor, specifically wine. So, naturally, many patrons of the Bowl are Hollywood/Los Angeles types that enjoy a fancy picnic with wine, followed by outdoor entertainment and more wine. Which is exactly the type of crowd you want to watch a Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga concert with.


I took my husband to the show this past Saturday, as part of his birthday celebration. We picnicked beforehand (highlight: manchego and quince paste). Then we snuggled next to each other as the sun set and enjoyed the show!

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga were unbelievably amazing. I’ve always loved Tony Bennett and been impressed by his voice, but HOLY COW the man can hit some IMPRESSIVE notes and hold them out for an eternity. A lot of people’s voices deteriorate with age, but Tony Bennett’s voice is impressive for ANY age, let alone someone older. Beautiful.


I love Lady Gaga. Not in the “little monsters” kind of way, but in the respectful, “dang, that girl can sing” kind of way. She worked the crowd and had great banter, too. Loved her. My favorite song she sang was “Bang, bang.” The two of them had an obvious chemistry and a great dynamic. Loved them!!