My Week

  • My kitchen sink backed up
  • My bathroom sink overflowed and flooded the bathroom and some of the carpet just outside of it
  • My car was the victim of a hit and run in the drugstore parking lot (as I was walking out, having just purchased over the counter medicines and toiletries, as all of ours were soaked with nasty water in the bathroom flood)
  • I sat on broken glass

SIGH. I am so happy to have a life where my problems can be solved with a call to our apartment manager (who fixed things up RIGHT AWAY, cannot sing her praises enough), a jumbo container of clorox wipes, several loads of laundry with hot water, a band-aid and, for good measure, a hug, a kiss and a nap.

The car’s new dings still need to be addressed, but it’s functional so for now, I’m just focusing on making it through the Great Bathroom Flood of 2015 and this work week. Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday and I want to focus on celebrating him!!

Hope your week is going smoothly and no black gunk has spewed out of your bathroom sink…while you were in the middle of peeing.


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