The Animal Friends

I love me some animals and there are some animal friends in my life who are just too cute.

Like these ducks that have started living in my parents’ pool20150510_140541-01

Good thing no one has any plans to swim in that pool, as it is now a duck toilet. But, a very cute duck toilet! They quack around and waddle and eat the bird seed that the tiny birds drop when they are at the feeder.


Or Morris and his “friend in prison” we visit every day on our walks.



Believe it or not, the first photo was taken A MONTH before the second one. Friendly, yet cautious, that Morris Chestnut.

Or Morris and this cat that he DESPERATELY wants to be friends with, even though the cat is completely disinterested.


Morris likes to check for his kitty friend EVERY DAY. And if the cat is not there, Morris whines. Morris has never touched this cat, or played with this cat, but always goes as close as I will let him and his tail WAGS and wags and wags and wags and he does all the things Morris does when he is EXCITED.

Maybe Morris needs a kitty friend of his own around the house. (Morris says YES, my husband says NO and the size of our apartment says NO WAY CAN WE PUT A LITTER BOX IN HERE.) Maybe someday, Morris. For now, he’s just going to have to be friends from a distance.


2 thoughts on “The Animal Friends

  1. He got to meet his “kitty friend” one on one (with the owner’s supervision) and I’d say he’s DEFINITELY hoping for a feline sibling someday! Maybe even more so than a canine sibling!!


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