Monterey Bay Aquarium

Almost a month ago now, Jim and I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. YOU MUST GO TO THERE. I cannot stress this enough. There is enough to do there from open to close, so you get your money’s worth. If you can afford to get yourself there, DO IT.

The aquarium has a sea otter rescue and rehabilitation program, with the goal to release them back into the wild and to aid the dwindling Pacific Sea Otter population. The otters they have on display are all females and they rotate out of the exhibit to be foster moms to otter pups who will then be released. 20150410_104037_1

You can view the otters: here, through the aquarium’s web cam, which is much better than my pictures through glass with a phone.

Other highlights included jellyfish, their albatross and their Giant Pacific Octopuses.

20150410_121116_1   20150410_134057_1  20150410_165720_1The Monterey Bay Aquarium is definitely one of my top ten places ever in existence. I want to go back tomorrow. I want to spend every day there. There are not enough words to describe my obsession with what used to be a sardine packing plant from the world of John Steinbeck’s “Cannery Row” that is now a premiere leader in ocean life research, rehabilitation and preservation. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


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