Point Lobos, CA

A few weeks ago, Jim and I took a couple of days off from work to extend our weekend. My cousin’s wedding reception was that Saturday night in the Bay Area, so we had a couple extra days to venture south of the reception site to Monterey and see some things we hadn’t seen together, yet.


Our first stop was Point Lobos Nature Preserve, just south of Carmel. I’d been before with my family, but hadn’t been in almost a decade! There’s a beautiful, tiny peninsula with one of the oldest Cypress tree groves on it. On one side of the peninsula is an old whaler’s cabin and a view of the Pacific that will usually include a blue whale surfacing. On the other side of the peninsula, there is an otter, HUNDREDS of sea lions, seabirds, tidepools and beautiful beaches.  20150409_183300_1

Hard to see, but there’s an otter in the water! He was diving for food and breaking open his shells on his tummy with a rock. I was climbing on rocks and looking at tidepools. He followed me up the shore, I’m assuming to keep a close eye on me. 20150409_182605_1

Jim also kept a close eye on me from a distance. Maybe he is also an otter.



He had to make sure I didn’t break anything getting down to those tidepools and finding crab friends and anemone friends and a starfish friend… I made A LOT of friends. I always make friends, but especially with animals. They can tell I’m a sucker who might give them some food (I did not give any of these wild animals food). It was a great time and I look forward to going back someday!


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