Ballas Family Singers

This past weekend, I pulled out my ukulele for some practice. Then Jim got the itch to make some music and pulled out his guitar. And I announced to him that we are in a band together . And it’s very important that we have band practice. Being the good sport he is, we did indeed have band practice.

Morris Chestnut was also a good sport. He did not care for the loudness of the music, but was determined to stay dedicated to the cause of “never leaving the humans unattended.” So he reluctantly curled up next to Jim to nap.

20150425_164258_1_1 20150425_164120_1_1I am maintaining that we are still in a band and this was NOT a one-off Saturday practice. We just need a name and I need to learn more than one song. And we may need some percussion that’s better than me shaking a plastic Easter egg filled with rice (which definitely happened at our last band practice).

Stay tuned! (Get it? It’s a music pun.)


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