Ballas Family Singers

This past weekend, I pulled out my ukulele for some practice. Then Jim got the itch to make some music and pulled out his guitar. And I announced to him that we are in a band together . And it’s very important that we have band practice. Being the good sport he is, we did indeed have band practice.

Morris Chestnut was also a good sport. He did not care for the loudness of the music, but was determined to stay dedicated to the cause of “never leaving the humans unattended.” So he reluctantly curled up next to Jim to nap.

20150425_164258_1_1 20150425_164120_1_1I am maintaining that we are still in a band and this was NOT a one-off Saturday practice. We just need a name and I need to learn more than one song. And we may need some percussion that’s better than me shaking a plastic Easter egg filled with rice (which definitely happened at our last band practice).

Stay tuned! (Get it? It’s a music pun.)


Chuck Taylor and Me

I have large feet. It’s ok! I’m not unhappy with my large feet, but, they are, as a fact, large. They could be larger, yes. I wear a 10 or 11 in ladies and an 8.5 in men’s, so you know, it’s not like it is COMPLETELY impossible to find shoes, just not necessarily easy. My life changed forever when I discovered the beauty of the Converse All-Star, also known as Chuck Taylors. I was about 14 or 15 and it was a game-changer for a tall, stick-thin high school freshman who could never find pants long enough or shoes cute enough to fit her needs.

Now, they’re part of my uniform and I wear them almost daily. Even though I’m not 15 any more, shoe shopping hasn’t gotten much easier. Luckily for me, TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall’s and outlet stores usually carry my faithful friends., often in one fun color at a time – a limited, but acceptable and fun, selection. This means that if I want a pair of my go-to black low tops, I usually have to shell out full price (which still is not bad for a pair of shoes). I have three pairs in rotation right now (which is the most I’ve ever had at one time): purple high tops, red high tops and black low tops. I work in a casual environment, so I can wear a pair of jeans, my chucks and a tee shirt to work. They may not be fancy, but it feels good to have something familiar on my feet. Chuck Taylor + Me = BFFs. PURPLE CHUCKS

red chucks


Rush of Blood to the Head

This is my dog and sometimes he’s weird and likes to hang his head over the side of the couch and get some pets. 20150324_220447_1

He also likes to glare at me when he hears me snap a photo because that means I’m doing something with my hands that is NOT petting him. And that makes him grumpy. But oh so cute!

20150324_220600_1Oh, Morris, we love you, you silly pup.

I Shoulda Been a Cowgirl


On Sunday, my friend and I went horseback riding. Our horses were also friends: I’m on Logan and she’s riding Sunset, who was once in a Barbie commercial. Between Sunset’s TV credentials and the city in the background there, it’s a pretty accurate and stereotypical photo of Los Angeles horseback riding.

It was a fun day and it was so good to be back on a horse. Thank you, Logan. We’ll be friends forever.