A New Season

Thursday March 20th was the official start of spring. The end of March marks the end of the first fiscal quarter for 2015. Time for me to check in with myself, my 2015 goals, and where the rest of my year is headed.

First, to really gear up for this next season (spring) and a new quarter at work, the whole family got haircuts this past Saturday. Me, Jim and Morris Chestnut all look nice and cleaned up! Below is the best family selfie I could get. The boys were, clearly, not into it.


I lightened my hair a touch because SPRING IS HERE, Y’ALL. 20150323_175859-1

Looking back at my beginning of the year goals, it’s been hit or miss.

  • Drink more water: I’ve improved, but could still do better! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, Heidi!
  • Pet my dog more: I’m killing this one, loving up on Morris Chestnut on the daily. In addition to his after work walks, I now make sure to snuggle/play with him for an additional 15 – 20 minutes straight, minimum. That’s all in addition to his morning and evening walk and sporadic fetches and snuggles throughout the evening.
  • Play more ukulele: this has fallen by the wayside as I’ve taken up hand-lettering. I hope to make room for BOTH in the next 3 months.
  • Catch up on Game of Thrones Reading: this hasn’t happened at all, but I’m ok with that, since I’ve been reading enjoyable material at a good pace.
  •  Get More and Better Sleep: still working on this one. But I’m pretty proud that I’m ACTUALLY working on it! Eye mask, earplugs, routines and essential oils have been/are being tried.
  • Kiss my husband more: could always do more of this. 😉
  • Work on my relationship with my vacuum cleaner: it’s better, but there’s still room for improvement. And I obviously now need to also work on my dog’s relationship with the vacuum cleaner in order to improve my own. Oh, dogs!

Alright, 2015, I’m ready to tackle the rest of you!!


One thought on “A New Season

  1. A fun post that had a lot to say about you. You might be surprised to hear that at 72 I share some of your goals, especially “work on my relationship with my vacuum.” Hilarious.


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