Treat Yo’self

For our first wedding anniversary, I treated myself to a new dress!

Here’s why: while we had a very lovely wedding, it turned into a much bigger to-do than I would have liked and had envisioned for my own special day, and despite the original intentions, I wound up doing a lot (A LOT) of the work. I had dreamt of a courthouse wedding with a vintage style knee or tea length dress and lots and lots of laughter and little to no stress. Since that little to no stress dream of mine was shattered during the wedding planning process, my husband made it up to me and planned our entire anniversary getaway, and I indulged myself in a vintage style dress. Win-win! Also, I got to marry the man of my dreams a year ago in a beautiful lace gown, so dress-wise, I really came out on top. I mean, I also came out on top with a magnificent spouse, but this post is about the dress. He’ll get more time and attention later. (He’s not sharing a post with a dress.)

I had a dress custom made to my preferences and measurements by TenderLane Boutique. They did an amazing (and quick) job! The owner, Allisen, has an impeccable eye for cotton patterns, so although I was initially leaning a solid color, I couldn’t resist seeing what floral she would pick out!

In the pictures below, I’m wearing the dress with a 24″ crinoline, but it can be worn without for a less dramatic look. I also purchased the crinoline through TenderLane. I purchased the shoes and sweater from

20150301_21481820150301_214920  20150301_214655

I loved dressing up for our anniversary dinner, and I know my husband loved seeing me feel special and fancy! I feel that the dress is versatile enough to be dressed up or down plus or minus accessories and crinoline. I put a lot of thought into the things I purchased for this outfit, as I rarely purchase clothes and hope to have these items last for a long time!


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