Busy Weekend!

My husband and I both took yesterday (Monday) off from work and used our long weekend to get away and celebrate our first anniversary. It was an escape from real life that allowed us to have some much needed romance and down time. I’ll write more about what we did to celebrate our anniversary, but I had to share these pictures of the dog. He went to “sleep away camp” as we jokingly refer to it when we board him. The facility where we worked with a training one on one (or rather two humans and one dog to one trainer) and where Morris is groomed offers doggie daycare and boarding. Their boarding facilities are not kennels, but little individual rooms, like a doggie hotel! So Morris spent his days playing with his dog friends and getting lots of walks and his evenings and walks with a few of his favorite toys and comfort items in his own private space. He also got to see some of his favorite people over the weekend, his trainer and his groomer. Even though he didn’t have a specific appointment with either of them, they still make sure to visit him whenever he stays there and give him lots of love. He got very excited when we pulled up to the facility (as he always does) and practically leapt out of my arms when one of his favorite employees came to take him to the daycare yard. The employee pretty much had to catch him, as he threw all 22 pounds of himself at her in his excitement! He was very happy to be at “sleepaway camp.”

Three days with his friends = a very tired dog! He was OUT almost instantly after we picked him up and brought him home Monday evening.

Here he is, next to me on the couch, snoring the teeney, tiniest doggie snores:

20150302_202217 (1)

Having some puppy dreams:20150302_210453

Immediately after his last walk of the night, right back to sleeping:20150302_215944

Is it any wonder my husband and I (and everyone at “sleepaway camp”) love this dog to bits?


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