An Exercise in Art and Journaling

As a solution to some journaling writer’s block, I’ve been hand-lettering inspirational quotes in my journal.

I’ve been having a hard time journaling lately. I feel like it’s going nowhere and not helping me process anything. And I just get grumpy and frustrated and feel stuck.

Last week, I did some lettering for a wine and cheese mixer at work. And I really enjoyed myself!


I’ve been drawing inspiration from Lisa Congdon’s blog and her past project “365 days of hand lettering” as well as Pinterest.

It’s soothing, relaxing, comforting and inspirational for me. I’ve been writing one quote a day, usually in more than one style of lettering. It’s been a delightful practice, spending time and energy putting words onto paper, cementing them into my mind. Here are a few snapshots from my journal this past week:


I know! They are phone pictures of my journal! It’s silly and it’s by no means art, but it’s very, very therapeutic.

20150223_165321 (2)



I’m looking forward to playing around with this exercise some more!


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