Some Help

My Christmas decorations are down! And put away in the closet. Mostly thanks to my wonderful husband, with whom I shared my goal of getting that checked off the to-do list before February.

I cannot sing my husband’s praises enough, and honestly, I usually don’t. It’s hard sometimes to get past the negative and into a positive state of mind. We had a really hard time planning our wedding together and it took a toll on our relationship. It’s been hard to forgive and forget – for both of us. That being said, my man has done a hell of a job during the rebuilding process. He has been a champion. Through a lot of hard work, he has become an amazing and supportive listener and a true partner. I only hope I can show him the kind of selflessness he has shown me (especially the past few weeks).

I am so grateful to have someone to help me reach my goals, even if that goal is something as small as taking down the Christmas decor.


This guy. Super grateful for him.


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