Sick Days

I fell down half a flight of metal stairs on Monday. On Wednesday, I slept eight hours, during the day. I guess my body needed a sick day to help heal the grapefruit sized bruise and knot on my thigh and the pulled muscle in my shoulder. I think my lady times and some emotional fatigue may have contributed.

All the sleeping led to the slightly saddening realization that I am not operating at 100%. But you know what? That’s ok! And I’m glad I had that wake up call to realize I’m not at the top of my game. All it took was a slip, a tumble and some bruising to knock me out for a whole day. Sure, those are things that a body does need rest and recovery from, but a whole day off? Oh man, I was definitely not at 100% before that fall, methinks. Now that I know, I can take it easy on myself. Be nice to Heidi and help her get back to 100%. It’s going to take a while, because there are things going on in life that I have FEELINGS about that will take a while to resolve. And I’m going to have FEELINGS about them the entire time. And that’s totally ok and normal. And of course I’m going to be at slightly less than 100% because of all these feels! Of course, I am.

So there you have it – wasn’t at 100%, had a fall, needed a sick day. Seems reasonable to me. Let’s all carry on, shall we?


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