Who is Morris Chestnut?

Morris Chestnut is two different things: an actor and my dog. Referring to the actor, IMDb describes Morris Chestnut as “a tall, handsome, versatile American actor.” He has been in The Best Man Holiday, Think Like a Man and Like Mike in addition to many other films. I am one hundred percent certain he came first and was Morris Chestnut long before my dog ever was. Regarding my dog, Morris Chestnut is a rescue, adopted by myself and my husband from the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society as our wedding gift to each other. He currently weighs 22 pounds and is thought to be a two year-old miniature golden-doodle. Prior to his adoption, the humane society was able to get his previous owner’s information and our doggie’s name from his microchip. They had named him Morris Chestnut. Or perhaps Morris Chestnut didn’t understand how to fill out the registration form for the microchip service and we have Morris Chestnut’s dog. Either way, the humane society used that name for him when they created an online profile for the dog on PetFinder.com, after his previous owners failed to respond or come get their dog. (I know! The jerks! Their loss, our gain!) We saw Morris Chestnut’s picture on PetFinder.com, we knew that was our dog, we adopted him and we kept the name. He already answered to Morris and we figured we should just stick with what worked and not worry about teaching him a new name. We also figured we wouldn’t have to go through the agonizing process of settling on the perfect dog name for him.* We think Morris Chestnut is a wonderful and humorous name for a tiny, white, fluffy poodle mix. 547 *Several months later, we did determine that the perfect dog name for him would have been Pup N Stuff, but try putting that on forms at the vet/groomer/trainer/doggie-daycare. Morris Chestnut Ballas is confusing enough.


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