Weekend Naps

I sleep a lot on the weekends and this most recent one was no exception. All the overtime, shopping, wrapping, decorating, playing, packing, cooking and baking from the past weeks had finally caught up to me. Last Tuesday and Wednesday, it was almost impossible to keep my eyes open at work. Wednesday we got out early and I took a nap, just so I could keep my eyes open until midnight. Thursday, I slept in and it was good. Friday, I had to be back at work. So I finished catching up on sleep and slept in on Saturday and Sunday, too. I slept all the sleeps. It was glorious.

You know who else was very sleepy this weekend? Morris Chestnut.

He enjoyed all the naps. In fact, there could have been MORE naps in his opinion, but that is because he is just a little dog.


Look at that face!


20150104_135309_1He is a little dog who requires all the snuggles and all our attention and all of our laps, please and thank you. We have no issues obliging. 😉


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